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Self Build Management

How does it work?

For a set fee you will get a dedicated project manager to manage the design, construction and fit out of your home, extension or business premises. The project manager will be your single point of contact with the work thus making the communication of your needs and objectives more streamlined.

At the first stage of the project we will consult extensively with you to determine the project’s goals, budget and any planning or architectural requirements you might have.

During the design phase we will ensure a complete solution for the build is reached taking into consideration architectural and structural requirements, the budget and sustainable energy options. We are happy to work with any designers you wish to appoint or can arrange the appointment of designers as necessary. Also during this phase a detailed cost plan will be produced based on the drawings and discussions with you. A programme of works will be drawn up to show the timelines involved and to highlight when certain outstanding decisions will need to be reached.

During the construction phase the labour and material requirements are broken down and sent out to tender to approved contractors and suppliers to ensure you get the best possible prices. The project manager will manage all the contractors, ensuring they complete the work in the agreed time to the highest standards. Payment schedules will
be produced for contractors and suppliers so that you know what payments are coming up. The project manager will produce regular cost and progress reports so you can stay in control of the works.

The project manager will assist you in selecting / sourcing of finishes ensuring you have adequate to time to make your decision. We will manage and co-ordinate the contractors during this difficult fit out stage to deliver the project to your exact specifications.

Finally we will provide a full structural certification once the work is complete and can if required provide certificates of compliance with planning permission and the building regulations.

Why should you use us?

  • Savings. Our fee is set from the start and that is all you pay. Through our
    relationship with suppliers and contractors we ensure that you get the best price
    possible. We have proven that we can save you up to 30% on contractor’s rates.
    As you pay the suppliers and tradesmen directly costs are reduced and there is
    complete transparency.
  • You have complete control over every aspect of your new home. This is your
    home and it will be built the way you want it built, and through Jeremy Walsh
    Project Management as your single point of contact it could not be easier. We
    concentrate on the detail while you concentrate on the things that are important to
  • There is greater flexibility for you to make changes to improve the finished
    product. Changes during the course of a project are commonplace but can be
    expensive if using a contractor. With Jeremy Walsh Project Management if you
    decide to make changes you only pay for the actual cost to make the alteration.
  • We take great pride in the quality of the work. We only choose tradesmen
    who have a proven record on previous projects of delivering a high quality of
  • We have a proven history of delivering projects to our client’s satisfaction. All of
    this is backed up with our full structural certification for greater peace of mind.